Brenk Brothers is a precision machining company specializing in fast turnaround of custom designs. When I first visited the plant I was struck by how efficiently they run, and how well they use computers to track production flow as well as to design parts.

This pocket folder is unique in that it has quite a few "bells and whistles." There are five staggered inserts relating to Brenk's capabilities which fit into the pocket. Each insert is slightly shorter than the next, so that each reversed head shows when the folder is opened. Also, we printed a rolodex card attached to the pocket, and when all the inserts are removed from the pocket a photo of the Brenk staff becomes visible.

Lance wrote the head and lead copy; the client helped a great deal with the interior copy. Lance's design and photography

To see PDFs of a few pages of the pocket folder as well as the inserts, just scroll down.