Lance Lewey


The Mendocino Headlands wrap around the western shore of the pretty village of Mendocino, California, from the mouth of Big River on the south almost to Highway 1 on the north. Well-worn paths run along the cliffs; in places you can get down to the shore. The headlands feature cypress groves and many, many wild calla lilies, which bloom in winter.

All of the calla lily photos featured in this site were taken on the Headlands, but the photos on this page reflect some of the other sights I saw on my daily walks: a harbor seal swimming in the mouth of Big River; raccoon prints in the frost; a well-used bench at dawn.

Lovers' bench at dawn
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Self-portrait with raccoon prints
Big River with seal
Mouth of Big River
Little waterfall
Eroded bank
Three paths
Wave patterns
Headlands dawn
Fork in creek

Waves at sunset
The bridge
Mendocino road at sunset
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