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All the photos on this page were taken on Black Sands Beach in Shelter Cove, California. It's one of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen, with jet-black sand and powerful waves. As each wave recedes down the steep incline it hisses as it retreats over the coarse sand.

These shots were taken at different times of day--from predawn to midday to just before sunset--but I especially like the ones taken as the day's first rays of light shone over the hills, throwing little spotlights on the waves.

If you go, Shelter Cove is fairly isolated--it's on the Lost Coast, in the King Range, with wilderness areas to its north and south. The drive there is pretty wild--up and down a mountain, with the last leg requiring downshifting if you don't want your brake fluid to overheat.

Shelter Cove shows both its roots as a fishing village and its growing role as summer housing for the wealthy. I'm not a great fan of the proliferation of mcmansions, but I still have fun there. Last time I stayed at the Mariner Motel, which is at the entrance to the harbor. The innkeeper was a very elderly woman, but she was still very energetic and capable. She put me in the room next to hers, and said, "If you need anything, just bang on the wall." And the campground grocery makes excellent fish and chips (mind the gulls).

Black Sands Beach 1
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Wave wall 1
Black Sands predawn 1
Black Sands sunrise
Black Sands sunrise 2
Wave wall 2
Black Sands predawn 2
Black Sands predawn 3
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